Green Alien Photography
By Jessa Forster

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Great reviews, galleries, and forums (I'm addicted to the Sony talk forum!)
Tutorials, pictures, and much more

How not to take boring pictures
A short read on light in your landscapes

Change your pictures into text, for free!
Way more links than I have

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Just For Fun-
I could listen to these guys for hours!
The hamsters went satanic!
Photo-Shopped creatures
An illusion
Draw a picture, send it to a friend (or me!)
Why wait 'till the Fourth of July?
Online bubble wrap, need I say more?!

This is a great site if you want to try and catch some Northern Lights to photograph.

My mom's site. She has some pictures up and a great recipe site!
My Great Aunts site, created by my mom!
If you like to shoot nature photos you need to know what the weather is going to be like
My cousin Eric's Band